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My name is Ken Kohnhorst and my wife Charlotte and I have traveled in Germany and Austria for the past 20+ years. In 1989 I made a trip with two friends and was introduced to the Zillertal. I attended a Heimatabend in Mayrhofen and I don't recall the groups who performed but the one thing I do remember is I loved the music and wanted to come back.

Charlotte and I started going to the Gauderfest each year in Zell am Ziller and loved all the groups we have seen through the years...such as the Haderlumpen, Zellberg Buam, Die Hegl, Local Sound, Die Ladiner, Marc Pircher, plus the last performance by the Original Schutzenjager.

During one of these trips we were headed back to our Gasthaus after being at the Gauderfest most of the day.   On our walk back we heard a group playing at the Gasthof Kirchenwirt .   They sounded very good and as it was early evening we decided to sit and listen to the group.  This group was the "Zillertaler und die Geigerin".   What a great finish to what was already a great day of music. Then and there we decided that they had to be on our list of groups to see again. 

We continued to visit the Zillertal from 2007-2013 and have been very happy to enjoy our new found group.  Through the years we have been in the audience at the Pachmair Hotel, The Zillertaler Biergarten, Hotel Rose and Hotel Berghof.  What has made all these times even more enjoyable is that we have become friends with Chris, Tajna and Simone.   They have always greeted us warmly and we always look forward to our next trip to the Zillertal.

As we approach July of 2014 we hope that we can again join them for their Geigenfest in Mayrohofen.
Charlotte and I want to show our support and have formed a small but enthuastic USA Fan Club.

If you have had the opportunity to enjoy "Die Zillertaler und die Geigerin" and want to join the club just drop me a e-mail at graphicone@charter.net

Ken Kohnhorst
Leavenworth, Washington, "The Bavarian Village"
Home to one of the top 10 Oktoberfest celebrations in the USA




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